Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Primark gains award for "highest achiever for inappropriate childrens clothes"

CHANNEL fours host of "The sex education show", Anna Richardson launched an attack upon fashion retailer Primark, for its "inappropriate children's  clothes", which she feels are "turning them into mini adults and cuts short their childhoods".
The sex education show

Therefore decided "The sex education show" should take action in order to stop these brands from "pimping our kids".

"With many stores selling provocative, adult style clothing, the early sexualisation of children has become a noticeable issue." Anna added.

The show visited over 40 high street stores and major supermarkets to investigate what they were selling for preteens. Reportedly, four stores in particular caught their attention for inappropriate children’s clothing, yet Primark had the highest number out of all the visited stores, containing over 13 items in total.
Primark Nottingham

Primark has over 150 stores in the UK and reaches a  turnover of 2.7 billion pounds, with profits up by 18%. 

The show sent in mystery shoppers who rummaged the rails of Primark children’s section, only to find skin tight knickers, with sequined slogans such as love and angel printed on the back. They also came across padded bras and sandals with two and a half inch heels for girls aged 7-8.
Anna Richardson contacted the high flying fashion retailer to present them with their latest award to add to their collection for "inappropriate children’s clothing", yet felt as though Primark, "seems like they want to take no responsibility in their part in sexualising our children, and do not understand the sexual overtone of their children’s clothes".

Primark reportedly sent a reply to the show stating:

"We completely understand our responsibility to sell age appropriate clothing every item of clothing goes through a rigorous review process to ensure its appropriate, and we are very proud of our product ranges. Primark sells padded bras that are lined for modesty and comfort, we do not sell padded bras for enhancement, we rarely receive complaints and when we do we investigate, if we think we are in the wrong we say so and act on it immediately".

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